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Merit Badges

I recently applied for a design job (spoiler: I didn’t end up working there), and the funnest part of the process was creating an unconventional cover letter!  My strategy was to take all the design skills they were looking for in their ad posting, and turn them into personal merit badges that I have earned […]

The Drought

  I was recently asked to contribute a piece to the California College of the Arts Alumni and Faculty show. The theme we were to tackle was that of the ongoing California drought. It was interesting to see all the different takes that artists had on the situation. I usually aim for a more light-hearted […]

Introducing Paper Moon Magic

Welcome to Paper Moon Magic! My line of spiritual magic products were inspired by the alchemical articles one can find in botanicas; items which serve as good luck talismans, cures for all kinds of psychic ailments and heartbreaks, and occult devices to bring you whatever else you might deeply desire. Having become acquainted with these colorful forms of self-empowering witchcraft in […]

Thesis: Paper Moon Magic

  After several weeks and months of planning, sketching, painting, and screen-printing, I am excited to finally start assembling my illustration thesis project.  For my thesis, I have designed and created a line of spiritual magic products, complete with a brand logo. My line is called Paper Moon Magic. It was inspired by the products […]

Bigfoot on Parade!

I am pleased to announce that my Bigfoot piece was recently accepted into the Society of Illustrators Student Competition. Before it gets shipped off to NY for the SOI show, it will be on display in the CCA gallery all this week.  Tonight there will be an opening reception:   Congrats to everyone in the shows!


I have had the pleasure of designing and illustrating for an amazing band, The Dodos , over the years*.  This is my most recent contribution: I created the design and hand-lettering. The artwork was done by Victor Cayro, who also provided all the artwork for the new Dodos album, Individ. His stuff is amazing and you […]


  After a long winter holiday break from this blog I am excited to share what’s been going on. Over the the last few weeks I spent a lot of time brainstorming what my illustration thesis is going to be.  I did a bunch of research and reading, as well as desperately searching for a theme that would actually make me […]

Tracing Bigfoot’s Steps

As promised here is my journey through Bigfoot country.  I commenced by reading the wiki entry for Bigfoot. More specifically I looked at all the footnotes at the bottom of the Wikipedia entry, which was a source of much entertainment. I decided to go with the anecdote about Bigfoot’s distinct odor problem, which inspired the […]

From Thumbnail to Final

Consider this a teaser for an upcoming blog post, where I show my process of going from thumbnail sketch to final painting. The piece was inspired by an article (a supposed first hand account) about the legendary beast, Bigfoot, and his even more legendary b.o. problem.  Coming soon!