Merit Badges


I recently applied for a design job (spoiler: I didn’t end up working there), and the funnest part of the process was creating an unconventional cover letter!  My strategy was to take all the design skills they were looking for in their ad posting, and turn them into personal merit badges that I have earned over the years as a creative talent.  Above is a copy of the letter (with the company blurred out in case you were feeling nosy!).  I had such a blast making this–even though the job wasn’t the right fit, the person interviewing me really took delight in my drawings and made the experience very enjoyable. Not to mention I have all these fun drawings to reflect my artistic and design abilities!  Some of my favorites are posted on my website if you want to take a closer look.  Also, in case you were wondering about the Bigfoot, this company highlighted their love of Sasquatch in their ad, so I couldn’t help but pander a little bit (not to mention include a link to my old Bigfoot painting).